How to Order From

1) Click on the the "Buy" button in the upper right corner of the page. Select either "This Photo", if you only want to purchase the one, or select "Photos in this Gallery" to purchase more than one from that gallery.

2) If you choose "Photos in this Gallery", on the next screen select the photos you wish to purchase, or use the "Select All" button. You can see the number of photos you've selected.

3) From this page, you can also select the products you wish to purchase and the quantity.

And the Photo Finishes you wish to purchase.
Photo Finishes

4) There are three product tabs: Prints, Keepsakes, and Downloads. On the Prints tab, select the size of print(s) you wish to order.

5) From the Keepsakes tab, select Household items or stuff you wear to see your options, then select the specific item.

6) On the Downloads tab, you can select the size of image you wish to download. The "web size" image is suitable for webpages, sharing in email and on Facebook. Please refer to the "Personal use license" link for details on what you can, and cannot do with your downloaded image. A copy of the use license is also available HERE.

7) Once you've selected your products and quantities, add the items to your cart.

8) Once your items are in the cart, you'll see them listed. If you are purchasing prints, you have the option to crop your items. It is recommended that you review the current crop of each print and adjust it to your liking, and not allow the default crop to be used to get the BEST possible outcome with your prints. To do this, click on the "Adjust" button in the Crop section.

You do not have this option when download an image, as the entire image is downloaded; cropping is only needed to adjust the image for size of paper on which it will be printed.

NOTE: When I proof your image, and upload the higher resolution version, I will recrop the image. If you have provided a custom crop, I will crop the same as you did. If you did not crop the image, I will crop it appropriately.

9) Adjust the size of the cropped area by dragging the corners of the crop box. The shaded area outside the crop box will NOT be included in your final print.

10) Adjust the location of the cropped area by dragging the crop box to the desired location on your image. There are additional details on how to crop HERE.

11) After you have saved the crop, you will see the results in your shopping cart. Do this process for each print in your cart.

12) In your shopping cart, you can add or remove products at any time.

13) Before you continue to Checkout, enter your coupon code at the top of the page if you have one. It will be applied at checkout.

14) Enter shipping and payment information.

15) On the Order Review page, you will be able to see the amount of your order, including shipping and any discounts applied.

16) Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email. If you purchased downloads, this email will contain the link for downloading the image(s). For more general help on purchasing - click here.
If you would like to see any image resized, cropped or colored differently, or with an effect, send me an email and tell me what you would like. To see some samples of special requests, CLICK HERE.

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